When Reversing an Exec Order Winds Up BEING A ZERO!


In April of 2010, BP had quite an oil spill - 4.9 million barrels (210,000,000 U.S. gallons; 780,000 cubic meters). As a result of this disaster, Obama wrote an Executive Order on behalf of the GREAT LAKES making it difficult for industry to use the fresh potable waters of the wold's largest source of fresh water.  Without water - there is NO LIFE.  That E.O. was reversed last week by the current administration but it means little because CONGRESS in a bi-partisan fashion federally mandated via legislation that the Great Lakes may not be mined for oil and/or minerals.

42 million Americans rely on the Great Lakes for their water.  Many of the states that border the Great Lakes voted for the current president, so why would a SMART politician want to hurt his base of support?

Twice the Trump Administration has tried to cut the 300 million budget item for water conservation as described below only to have Congress override that effort.  Since the effort to save this is BI-PARTISAN - it seems reasonable.  This is how the money will be used:

  • Provides $300 million to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to clean up toxic pollution, restore fish and wildlife habitat, reduce farm and city runoff, and combat invasive species;
  • Authorizes the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative for one year to ensure that the nation maintains its commitment to the Great Lakes; and,
  • Helps local communities prevent sewage contamination by funding the Clean Water State Revolving Fund at $1.39 billion nationally, approximately $510 million of which will be invested in the eight-state Great Lakes region of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

There are some things that are UNTOUCHABLE - and water is probably the most important of all in addition to the sanctity of children.

We can thank the Congress for doing the right thing and ensure that someone who is OUT OF TOUCH doesn't destroy that which can't be replaced in the name of "jobs" and "industry."

That's definitely a GO DO GOOD move in my book!


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