Why Bezos Wouldn't Understand Why Lincoln Bothered to Return That Penny


As the story goes, young Lincoln, while serving as a store clerk,  walked three miles to return a penny - actually - it was six pennies that he had accidentally overcharged a customer.  Now a penny had a bit more value then but even still it was a small amount of money.   That tale earned Lincoln later in life the moniker, "Honest Abe." 

Lincoln understood how hard people worked for their money and had an empathy for the common man.  A story not as well known is when he inadvertently gave a customer only 1/4 pound of tea rather than the 1/2 pound they asked for.  Abe absentmindedly left a 1/4 lb. weight on the scales...so, he walked a long way to give the customer what they had been charged for.  Another example of not only being honest but living ethically.  

Recently while walking my dog, SYD, I found her pulling on her leash and guiding me with great force towards bushes at the end of the cul-de-sac block that I live on.  I figured SYD wanted to either ferret out a squirrel, a rabbit or the animal I truly feared her going after, the skunk that resides at that end of Lake Avenue in Downers Grove, IL.  So when I realized it was none of those varmints but rather something else that had yellow coloring discernible even in the darkness of night, my curiosity was piqued.


There were three manila envelopes and six brown boxes tangled in that bush growth.  All of the packages but one were marked with AMAZON PRIME labels and tape.  The one not marked had no label on it.  It was a carton full of plastic cups.

Now this wasn't the first time SYD found something in bushes.  She discovered last year, TWO - ONE HUNDRED dollar bills which I shared on the GO DO GOOD - Chicago Now blog.  For those who may have missed it, here's the link:  http://www.chicagonow.com/go-do-good/2016/07/when-having-an-honest-dog-helps/

In that episode of SYD exploits, we found the rightful owner to the $200 dollars.  So, I thought we'd try to do the same with this discovery.  I figured this was going to be so easy.  Each package had a tracking number, an address, a name of recipient and they were all marked with AMAZON.  So, I figured it would be a piece of cake to get these items to their rightful owners.  I contacted Amazon by phone, by chat and through my account providing them not once but twice with all of the tracking numbers.  I was under the impression that they would send a driver to pick up the packages because they asked for my address.  I also used various social media sites, some specifically targeted to the locale, specifically the Downers Grove, western suburban area of Chicago to get the word out about SYD's find.

AMAZON continued to send communiques to me via Twitter, FB and my email, but they did nothing to send someone to pick up the lost packages.  I attempted to connect with @JeffBezos but that proved to be a dead end.  I did get a message via Nextdoor.com from the local high school, confirming that two of the packages were expected by them and could SYD and I possibly drop them off?

We did bring them to Downers Grove High - North Campus and one of the administrators and a security guard were there to greet us and take a photo of the wonder dog known as SYD.

What I didn't expect was when I posted an on-going saga of lack of progress by AMAZON - daily updates for 4 days - that FB connections would actually ask me why I was so obsessed about this?  They suggested that I should just keep the packages because it was cheaper for AMAZON to just issue new product and take an insurance payment for the loss.  Welcome to the new America.  Where did ethics go?

I will continue to try and get the packages delivered because that would be the right thing to do.  SYD knows that but it would appear that some human beings don't.


Long live SYD And may she continue to GO DO GOOD!

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