What is a CHAIR-ITY?


I may be just a chair but every day I have a “behind” the scene view of the happenings at Community Adult Day Center. The most shared activity is conversation. In fact, it can be hard to hear the afternoon movie because our members are sharing stories, telling jokes and talking about family.
From my vantage point it is heartwarming to see these friendships grow. Some members enjoy personal music with headphones often bringing back joyful memories. What's music to my ears is the laughter and an occasional snore. You see, napping is essential, since some of our members arrive at the center at 7:30 am so their caregiver can remain in the workplace.
Wow, I get a workout all day. I love it. Looking around right now I see the center is full. All 17 chairs in the room are occupied. As a chair, I am so pleased to be of service to older adults. They count on me being there all the time. AHH, what a good feeling. My sturdy arms enable members, to sit and stand safely with minimal assistance.
My favorite time is when we are strategically positioned in a circle so our friends are in close proximity and their socialization experience is enhanced. Fancy words, (you'd probably expect from a Wingback) but it simply means that everyone feels welcome and a part of the community.
I’ve been around for long time, about 20 years now, throughout the years providing comfort, as a reliable and relaxing resting spot. I'm telling you, I've heard it all, seen it all, felt it all. I will share a secret with you. Frankly, I am getting worn out from all of this. My hinges make noise, I find reclining hard, my seams, they’re busting. It's embarrassing, when my stuffing is on the floor. I’m afraid comfort, both mine and our members, is not what we’re feeling.

It's time for new generation or to slide in to aid our members. Please consider a year-end gift to Community Adult Day Center of $100 or more. Your gift will have an immediate impact by providing our members with new chairs that recline, lift, and feel really comfortable enabling socialization, friendships, and an overall pleasant experience.
Your help is needed now. Because you care, you make a difference in not one, but many lives.

We depend on these chairs, can we count on your support?

Thank you in advance for your generosity which is appreciated more than you will ever know.
Susan Neustrom,Ed.D.
Executive Director
Community Adult Day Center
4501 Main Street
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Phone 630-968-1060

P.S. Adopt-a-Recliner to honor or memorialize a loved one!
Your gift of $350 or more will purchase a chair and your honoree's name will be permanently placed on your adopted chair. What a great way to help our members and honor your loved one.

Community Adult Day Center has been helping older adults have a great day, every day for over 30 years and offering respite for caregivers by giving them the gift of “me time”. Safety, comfort, and care thus provides families with the peace of mind of knowing their loved one is engaged, active, and among friends.

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