Why We Love Good Guys

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Not long ago while going through some old photos and memorabilia, I found a press clipping from the Chicago Daily News - a newspaper that folded years ago.

The story described how a fireman ran into a burning building an saved three small children.  The kids were living in a building in a poverty stricken area.  The three flat had been cited numerous times for building code violations that made it unsafe.

That fireman was my father.  When asked how he felt about being a hero, he replied, " I was just doing my job...I've got three kids of my own so I get it."

That's why I was touched to hear about a police officer, Paul Pulkownik, who went out of his way earlier this year to undergo a surgery so that he could donate bone marrow on behalf of an eight month old baby boy afflicted with Wiskott-Aldrick Syndrome. This rare disorder can only be cured with a transplant of healthy bone marrow.

Officer Paul was not a relative; he was a stranger who after he found out was a match didn't hesitate to come to the infant's need.

In my book, that fireman back in his day who never let his own personal safety get in the way of saving those kids and the cop I learned about today, who gave of himself so unselfishly, are unquestionably - GOOD GUYS. They DO GOOD on behalf of others and that's probably why they're so easy to LOVE.

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