A GOOD MAN with an Uncertain Future.


His name is Jesus Contreras.  Even though he has lived here since he was a child, his status as a "dreamer," makes life uncertain for him.

Jesus worked for six straight days as a paramedic - long hours - to make a difference in Houston and to help those in need.  He is a model citizen and yet, he can not become a citizen.

He knows English, he has put in the work to educate himself and become a productive citizen as a paramedic - a noble profession - BUT - the law as it stands now makes it impossible for the man to secure citizenship.

America needs more people like Mr. Contreras.  America, a nation of immigrants, should actually sign up people like Jesus readily because the only home he's known is Houston, U.S.A.  We can't blame Contreras for how he arrived   - that's on his parents.  But when we get a hard working, tax payer who is a credit to all of us as a paramedic, we need to create legislation that addresses this situation so that the D.A.C.A. Americans - and yes - they are Americans - don't have to worry about their futures if they do all the things we expect from a good citizen.

Contrary to what is spread on social media, D.A.C.A. individuals don't get free housing, they don't get free post-secondary education.  As a matter of fact, D.A.C.A. folks paid more than 11.6 billion in taxes last year.  That fact alone hardly is indicative of a group of people scamming the system.

Let your representatives in Congress know that they need to act.  Figure it out, it's not that hard, and write comprehensive legislation that becomes law so that a nation of laws can welcome a law abiding exemplary individual like Jesus Contreras, who lives up to the motto of what it means to GO DO GOOD!

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