Where are the safe havens for children in Chicago?

Fred Jackson was one of my students at the IL Center for Broadcasting, now known as the IL Media School, a vocational college that teaches broadcast media arts.   He is at the far left in the picture along with other ICB/IMS students, Ricky Solis, Abraham Pina and David Martin III.  The young lady is Lydia, who I got to know as a producer working on the Jerry Springer Show, now married to Ricky.

I was always impressed by Fred who was serious about his studies.  He attended class, did his assignments, excelled as a leader in the class and proved to be quite the editor and videographer.  Fred was someone I could trust to hire after he graduated from the program to work on commercial productions for the Watch312.com website which I also served at the time as its Executive Producer.

I just had a chance to view a short but powerful documentary entitled,  A Safe Haven.  I immediately assumed it had something to do with an organization by the same name that provides the homeless with shelter.

ICB/IMS students actually produced a documentary about that organization which CAN-TV has aired numerous times.  I suspected that Fred worked on that production, but as it turned out, the subject matter for this Safe Haven deals with the work being done in communities that are attempting to provide after school activities as well as anger management in an effort to stop the gun violence.

If  Mayor Emanuel and the city council are serious about curbing the violence that plague our west and south sides of Chicago,  then they must continue to promote and support programs like a Safe Haven.  Fred Jackson tells a great story about an organization that is so vital to the health and welfare of children.  If you'd like to see it go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81yU3dBV-us

I'm proud and pleased to witness the blossoming of a student I mentored as he pursues his mission to GO DO GOOD!

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