LOVE: A 3 Legged Dog for a 1 legged boy

If you read Laura Hillenbrand's book, "Seabiscuit,"  sea-biscuit

or perhaps saw the movie then you know the importance of the bond between humans and animals.  In the case of a horse that by all accounts was an American legend in the world of thoroughbred racing, you know from Hillenbrand's reporting that this incredible stallion suffered a devastating fall that also impaired the jockey, Rod Pollard. rod-pollard

Together they got well and despite the odds came back to win again.   That scene in the movie is a tear-jerker.

That's why I found the story of the young boy who lost a leg, who wanted a dog, so heartwarming.  The boy requested that his mother, who had promised her son a pet, grant his wish but with the caveat that she find a dog with only 3 legs.  Mom delivered.


I think the young man knew they both might have an instant bond or perhaps he just wanted to share love with another being that had to deal with an impediment but despite the obstacle would continue to live life to its fullest.

Dog spelled backwards is GOD.  I think the boy's decision had a touch of goodness in it and for that we salute his effort to GO DO GOOD!

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