When I landed in Maui on Thursday, May 23rd, at Kahului Airport, you couldn’t help but see posters everywhere regarding the disappearance of a young attractive woman by the name of Amanda Eller.   I didn’t take the time to read the fine print of the poster as I scurried to claim my luggage, worried that... Read more »

"PAY IT FORWARD," - more than just talk!

If you haven’t heard, let me share with you the largesse of Robert F. Smith, the founder, chairman, and CEO of private equity firm Vista Equity Partners. In 2018, Smith was ranked by Forbes as the 163rd richest person in America.  Smith made an incredible offer to the young college graduates he spoke to as... Read more »

If Only We Could be Addicted to Love

You know the song and the lyrics of a tune that Robert Palmer made famous.  Can you hear the hook of the song rattling through your brain? However, how I heard the phrase, “addicted to love,”  tonight was not accompanied by music.  It was a cry for those that can no longer cry. I went... Read more »

A Fraud is Rarely A Great Man...but maybe??

A fraud is rarely a great man and a great man is rarely a fraud but from time to time there might be an exception to the rule. You need to go back about a century in time to discover the strange case of Dr. Couney…WAIT – let’s stop right there – he was not... Read more »

Why Americans Are The Best!

America and Americans are known worldwide for being generous.    America doles out every year an incredible amount of foreign aid.  To give you a perspective of how much that runs  – fiscal year 2017 saw the U.S. State Department and USAID grant $50.1 billion, or just over 1% of the budget to countries world wide. ... Read more »

Tickets to A Whirlwind of Pure Fun

The call came in to the house around 10 a.m. on a sleepy, sunny, but lazy August day.  We still had a week before our freedom of summer vacation came to an end.  It was a friend of a friend – a guitarist in a band that my band often competed against.   He wanted to... Read more »

When You Try To Be Good at Xmas Time & It Backfires

I could retell the story but I believe Dick Feagler got it right in the Cleveland Press back in 1979.


Joseph Sakran is a trauma surgeon.  The journey to arrive at such an elite position in life came after Joe was shot in the neck.  He was thisclose from losing his life.   The pilot called to medivac the bleeding teenager to a trauma center had to turn him down because helicopter transport requires that the... Read more »


It’s always difficult to lose a child but to lose one to an act of violence makes the loss even more painful. Blaze Bernstein was an excellent Ivy League student and remembered as a caring person, a good friend, a talented writer, a wonderful cook, a risk taker, and just a super nice guy with... Read more »

God Bless Sofia As She Brings Us Together

I am always amazed how people from all political spectrum and ideology can come together over the tragedy of a failed heart. Whose heart was it?  It was the heart of a little girl – a warrior by the name of Sofia Sanchez.  Anywhere you went in Downers Grove the buzz about this little girl’s... Read more »