Where are the safe havens for children in Chicago?

Fred Jackson was one of my students at the IL Center for Broadcasting, now known as the IL Media School, a vocational college that teaches broadcast media arts.   He is at the far left in the picture along with other ICB/IMS students, Ricky Solis, Abraham Pina and David Martin III.  The young lady is Lydia,... Read more »

LOVE: A 3 Legged Dog for a 1 legged boy

If you read Laura Hillenbrand’s book, “Seabiscuit,”  or perhaps saw the movie then you know the importance of the bond between humans and animals.  In the case of a horse that by all accounts was an American legend in the world of thoroughbred racing, you know from Hillenbrand’s reporting that this incredible stallion suffered a... Read more »

Refugee Creates Hundreds of Jobs For Women In Need

Chid Liberty came to America as a child.  He was an African refugee from the ravages of Liberia’s civil war that went on for an interminable 14 years. Chid grew up in Wisconsin.  He excelled in school.  He was an excellent student and went on to become a success as an adult working in Silicon... Read more »

Every kiss begins with....

At the bottom of this post, I’ll include a link to an apolitical story that is currently being covered by JOURNALISTS – that you might find appalling and definitely needs to be exposed. JOURNALISTS – even the word has elicited from friends and even family members disdain and often epithets that I won’t repeat here.... Read more »

Little Boy Gets His Wish Courtesy of CFD

As the son of a firefighter, I’m eternally grateful to my dad for sharing with me the importance of commitment to one’s work, service and sacrifice for the common good.   I can remember as a small boy, the times when my father looked as if all the blood had drained out of his face after... Read more »

The Power of A Photo

I often see comments on social media from people I know, good people that are charitable in nature on almost every aspect of life, question the need for posts that deal with America’s history of slavery.   I’ve seen responses to such posts that go something like this:  “Sorry I’m white, but that was long... Read more »

A Profile in Courage That Hits Home

When I was a kid, the block was filled with families of almost every ethnicity.  We may have locked the front and back door, but weren’t necessarily alarmed if we had not.  Our parents knew just about every adult on the block.  The kids were the same with the exception that they confined their circle... Read more »

Politics Aside - Recognize Good Behavior

I started this blog with the hope that I could showcase people, organizations, and anyone – even a pet who brought goodness to the world.  Lord knows in America we need to hear what’s good about life because there is so much negativity in the world today with the onset of nationalism that denigrates people,... Read more »

Happy B'day Greeting -That I Always Love Getting!

My father used to rib me a lot about the timeliness of my birthday.  He often reminded me that if I had been born some 30 hours earlier, instead of in the wee hours of January 2nd, he would have gotten a $600 tax credit from the IRS.  In those days it was tough on... Read more »

Whoa - ah, Mercy, Mercy Me!

Marvin Gaye’s classic tune of 1971 points out that things ain’t what they use to be and Mother Earth’s blue skies are hard to find,  the ocean is filled with fish full of mercury, and there’s an abundance of radiation under ground. It was more than just a catchy tune.  It was a statement about... Read more »