Weird things I do that have now become the norm

I do weird things. I tried to think of why I continue to do things that I know are weird. I don't know where to start. Sometimes I like reading about other people's weird things to feel better. Maybe this will make someone feel better because they're weird too.

  • I eat Greek yogurt with a fork.....a lot. One time I bought a 90 pack of forks instead of a mixed box of spoons, forks, and knives.  Heaven forbid I buy ANOTHER box of plastic silverware. My carbon footprint is already big enough. I now eat my yogurt with a fork, on the daily.  This isn't a major problem given Greek yogurt's consistency, but I forgot how weird it looks to people who don't know my 90 fork mishap.
  • Assign genders to numbers and letters. Is this weird? I remember doing it when I was a kid. I read somewhere it has a name. Someone posted about it on Facebook a few years ago, and I remember thinking: Holy Crap, someone else does this weird thing too! It's a thing.
  • I sometimes interrupt people if I see they're having trouble coming up with a word and I have a sense that I know the word they're looking for. It's probably annoying, but I'm REALLY good at it. I can't stop.
  • I bite a sucker to get to what's in the middle. I try to do the right thing when given a lollipop, but I can't. I've never once waited all the way until the outer candy layer has receded. I always go in for the crunch.
  • I set miniature goals and time limits for myself, but usually in odd increments of time. Such as: I'll go to bed in 8 minutes. I have 12 minutes until I'll check on the food. I have 18 more steps before I stop running. I'm terrible at math, but I love counting.
  • I think I'm invisible when I have sunglasses on. I'm a people watcher by nature. Always have been. I stare longer and harder when I have sunglasses on. They're my equivalent to Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility.
  • I say "buh-bye" to strangers on the phone, but I'd never say that to anyone in person.  I don't know why.

I hope you feel less weird now.


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