The Toys R Us Adventure is Opening in Chicago Tomorrow

The Toys R Us Adventure is Opening in Chicago Tomorrow

Growing up, trips to Toys R Us always felt like a treat. This is why it was so hard when the news broke that our beloved retailer that made it okay to never want to grow up was closing it's doors. I was so sad, I wrote about it way back when.

This is also why I was excited to hear that Toys R Us was returning in some capacity, and even more pumped when I learned that TRU Kids Brands joined forces with Candytopia to bring the Toys R Us Adventure, an interactive play land for kids of all ages, to Chicago this year. My family had a chance to check it out before it officially opens to the public tomorrow. The interactive experience will be downtown on Michigan Ave through January 26, 2020, so you have plenty of time to stop by.


The kids will have an opportunity to drive a train, zip line, jump through a never-ending ball pit, visit the mini pop-up toy store and more all in one sitting. The activities seem best suited for children 7 and under, however it's enjoyable for the entire family.


If you're looking for a cool indoor play date for a group of energetic little ones, I'd recommend paying a visit. You'll need to head over to for more information and to purchase tickets, as they aren't being sold at the door.

Check it out while it's here and let me know what you think!

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