5 Tips for Attending Nickelodeon SlimeFest This Weekend

5 Tips for Attending Nickelodeon SlimeFest This Weekend
Nickelodeon SlimeFest returns to Chicago 6/8/6/9

Can't believe the summer is here already. My little one started summer break as of today, and we are already looking forward to big fun at Nickelodeon #SlimeFest. Many of you may recall the slimetastic, family fun festival that came to the U.S. (and right here in Chicago) for the first time last year. Well, SlimeFest is returning to Huntington Bank Pavilion @Northerly Island tomorrow (6/8) and Sunday (6/9).

We went last year and didn't know what to expect, or how best to prepare, but I have you covered this time around. Below are five helpful tips to help you and your family get the most fun out of the experience.

  • Dress to get messy: It's SlimeFest, which means there will be slime served up and sprayed every way possible. Wear clothing that you don't mind getting slimy in. There's also a lot of grass so wear shoes that make sense and are comfy to walk in too.
  • Bring a poncho or raincoat: The slime is pretty, um...slimy and wet, especially when you get slimed from head to toe. I'd recommend bringing a poncho (even a few disposable ones to trash when you're done) or raincoat of some sort to minimize the slime on your clothing, especially if you plan on walking around after. You can also bring plastic bags to put your raincoat or reusable poncho in at the end of the day.
  • Be prepared for crowds: Slimefest was pretty jam-packed last year, even with the rain. Make sure you are prepared to possibly stand in lines for key attractions.
  • Come early: You'll want your little (or not so little) ones to participate in all of the attractions most likely. Try to come at the beginning to do everything, or as much as possible.
  • Ditch the car: No but seriously, if you plan on driving in, just be sure you know where parking is a available in the area. There's a good chance the nearest lot will be full and you'll have to drive and walk (or Uber) to get closer.

And this isn't really a tip, but most importantly, have fun!


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