5 Things You Can Do To Maximize Your Kids Summer Break

5 Things You Can Do To Maximize Your Kids Summer Break
Photo Credit: Great Wolf Lodge (Chicago/Gurnee)

Today was officially my daughter's last day of 1st grade. She ended the school year on a high note with honor roll all yearlong, a 1st place spelling bee trophy and excited about going to the next level. It's my job as her parent to ensure that she has an active summer that stimulates her mind. While we have some of our plans nailed down already, we still have to figure a few things out in a short timeline.

I've thought of five ways that I can maximize  summer break and figured I'd share them with you as well. Still thinking through some of this myself, but this is what we're working towards.

  • Encourage summer reading: It's easy to get so caught up in the fun of break that you don't think about preparing for the year ahead. There are tons of titles we plan to explore this summer and may even look into some of the reading clubs at libraries or even restaurants in the Chicagoland area
  • Find a summer camp or program:  There are tons of summer camps through schools, park districts and community organization that offer fun and educational activities all-summer long. I'm looking into a few options myself, but need to make a decision quick
  • Plan a staycation: This may sound silly, but you'll want to take a break from all of the summer fun and plan a relaxing family staycation at home. It'll give you some time to catch up and map out what everyone wants out of the summer break
  • Take a trip: Doesn't matter how close or far. It's always to get away from your everyday surroundings even if it's just for a weekend. We've been to some of the nearby resorts and water parks through the years and they can be just as fun or relaxing as going on a trip faraway. Do both if you can. A few local options that come to mind are Pheasant Run Resort or the new Great Wolf Lodge
  • Set goals and track them:  Summer is a great time to tackle something you want to accomplish before the end of year. Whether it's learning to swim, or visiting all of the museums in the area, it'll be fun to set out to do something with a realistic deadline to achieve it

These are five things that I plan to hold myself and family to this  summer. We still have a few weeks before it's officially considered summer, but it's never too early to start making plans. Who knows, I may even circle back with a recap or update on how we did with all of these. Would love to hear any thoughts to may have on getting the most out of your summer vacation.


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