Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day Means More Than You Think

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day Means More Than You Think

Today, is recognized as "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" and also referred to as "Bring Your Child To Work Day" by some. I remember hearing about it as a child, however I never went to work with either of my parents on the day. Could have been because it was on school days, or perhaps because their places of employment didn't participate.

Until this year, I never really thought to look into the origin of the holiday. It was actually started nearly 25 years ago by a non-profit organization to inspire children. Celebrated the fourth Thursday in April, the holiday was created with the thought that children would be encouraged by going to work with their parents and imagining themselves in careers of their choosing.

This was my first year actually participating in a formal way. I used to bring my daughter to work with me on Friday's during the summer, or other days when I didn't have as many meetings or a hectic schedule. This year, my daughter had a chance to experience something different. There was a full day of activities that catered to the children, the little people in our lives. Small in size, but unarguably the most important elements of our very existence. As parents, we work hard day in and day out to give our children the best possible lives. It feels good if for one day only, the places we give most of our energy, gives a little something to our little ones.

Today was that day for us. My daughter truly enjoyed visiting my new office and getting to meet the people I spend 40+ hours a week with. She had fun with all of the activities and even seeing the other kids there at the same time. From the gift bag at registration, to arts and crafts, sweet treats and a fun-filled carnival, she truly had a blast. The anticipation for today was really the highlight of her week,  as I'm certain it was for many children across the country who were looking forward to this day. A popular national television program even celebrated by allowing their children to participate in the broadcast, which is amazing. Children know their parents go to work everyday, but some may not know or understand what their parents are doing for all of those hours. My daughter understands what I do as much as expected for a child her age, if not a bit more. But today, was an experience that meant more to me than I even realized.

I'd love to hear about what you and your little ones did today. Feel free to share some of thing things your children enjoyed best coming to work with mommy and/or daddy today.



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