Like most things, Super Bowl Parties were better in college

Like most things, Super Bowl Parties were better in college
Photo Credit: Boston Herald

I'm not a football fan. Never have been, and I probably never will be. I've been to college games, attended several super bowl parties, but have yet to actually enjoy the game. I have a pretty decent understanding of it, just don't really have a true interest in it. All that said, I still enjoy a good Super Bowl party every now and then. The best of the best Super Bowl parties had to be the ones in college. One of my friends (the ones who actually love the game), would host a party each year. We'd come together and contribute some way or another to the food or libations. Although we still do the same nearly 11 years post graduation, there's something about the college parties that are unmatched.

I think a lot of it had to do with where many of us were in life back then. We were making it by the hair on our chin, but we felt empowered because we were far from home and living in our own little world. I've said before that college gave my friends and I a false sense of adulthood, and I truly mean that. Adulting is nothing like what we did in college, it's actually far more intense.

If I have to pick between the many Superbowl Parties or gatherings I attended in college to find a favorite, I'd have to go with that very last one before we graduated. I say this because it was the last time we were able to live in our faux real world and be what we considered to be completely independent for a while. Many of us, came home to live with parents for a few years before really have to step out on our own with a much more expensive cost of living.

This was also the year that the Indianapolis Colts defeated The Chicago Bears. I remember there being a lot of emotion in the room, considering the fact that most of my friends are from Chicago like I am. Nearly everyone wanted the home team to win. I didn't usually which team won, but that year, I got more into the game than ever. I wanted to see Chicago bring home the title. That's strange considering I'm normally not a home team girl. I haven't been since the Jordan era with the Bulls to be honest. But, that year, in our last Super Bowl gathering as college students, I wanted home to win.

This year, I'm not even sure if I'll be attending a Super Bowl party. If I do, I'm sure it won't compare to Super Bowl XLI.



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