Why Curious George may be a bad influence on my child.. and yours too!

Why Curious George may be a bad influence on my child.. and yours too!

A few months ago, Go-2-baby was Caillou's biggest fan, something I learned that many other parents disagreed with. After searching the web, I realized that Caillou was/is America's most hated Cartoon (and he isn't even American,) go figure. I didn't mind Caillou, he was a little whiny. stubborn brat, but I know worse kids in real life.

Fast forward a few months, and now she has this thing for Curious George or "Monkey" as she calls him. She has to watch "Monkey" every single day and night-not literally all day and night of course. We often fall asleep at night while she watches George's curiosity get him and everyone around him in a world of trouble episode after episode after episode.  Now sometimes, his curiosity works out for the greater good, but not without some sort of catastrophe first.

Go-2-baby hangs on every second of each adventure George encounters and appears to soak it all in. I would be fine with this if I hadn't noticed a change in her behavior. She's starting to climb on stuff more often, spill things on purpose and just make a mess for no other reason than to say she made a mess. She also seems to be a little too fascinated with getting stuck or at least pretending to need help. Some may argue that this is all a part of her development as a toddler, however I feel that the little curious animal may have a lot to do with her acting on her curiosity more these days.

So now what does this mean for me as a parent? Do I ban Curious George as any other parents have done Caillou? Or should I simply wait it out and take the "This Too Shall Pass" approach and hope she outgrows her love for "Monkey" or at least her desire to copy his antics. Or, perhaps it's time for us to have the infamous "You Are Not A Monkey" talk with her so that she understands she can't climb tress and counters and fly in the air with a kite as George does in his adventures.

Of course I know that in reality, television can't be the blame for how our children behave, but if my toddler all of a sudden acts like a certain monkey she watches everyday, I can't help but make the connection. And some may say, that maybe, just maybe she shouldn't be allowed to watched it as often as she does. Unfortunately, Curious George is what has helped make our transition from the binky a little less painful on our ears and sleeping schedules. We've been about a month without it now and going to sleep still hasn't become an easy feat. If the little curious creature is what it takes for us to get a good night's sleep, I guess we can manage a little longer until we figure it out.

For the record, I'd take Caillou over Curious George any day. At least then she would have been mimicking the behaviors of another toddler as opposed to a monkey. But hey, what do I know?




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    FWIW, the toddler I care for was recently weaned from almost a year of "George!" demands by application of Jack's Big Music Show episodes. We were lucky, in that what he was imitating from George was the scientific method and George's attempts at trial and error, and not actually the peeling all the fruit and rewrapping it in the skins of other fruits.

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