Co-sleeping...when three becomes a crowd

Co-sleeping...when three becomes a crowd

When Go-2-baby was first born, we did pretty well with making sure she slept in her own space. We had a bassinet, crib and a rock-and-play sleeper to chose from. She spent a majority of her time sleeping in either of the three, but the crib less than anything. We moved into a bigger space when she was about three months old and set up her room as if she'd really sleep in it. Still, at that time, we weren't doing the co-sleeping thing, she'd sleep in her rock-and-play sleeper at night next to our bed, and nap in the crib during the day. We had the perfect set up, that is until she began to pull up and attempt to climb out of the sleeper.

At that point, she was about six or seven months old, had never slept alone in her room and we weren't quite ready for her to start. That's when we introduced her to the monster that is co-sleeping. She's now two years old and it's really starting to grow old, especially when she has an fully furnished room a few feet away with a barely used convertible crib that can just as easily become her toddler bed.

Much like the meme's that have been floating around the web, Go-2-baby sleeps wild and crazy and ends up on every side of the bed often kicking either or both of us throughout the night. I've been ready for her to sleep in her own space for a while now, but Go-2-daddy is indifferent about it. He has his reasons of course, we often wake up in the middle of the night to find that she's wandered out of the bed, and sometimes into another room.

I guess he feels as though she'd have a better chance at ruining the house or getting into trouble at night if she wasn't in the room with us to begin with. After all, how would we notice when she gets out of bed? Well besides listening in on her every so often until she falls into a deep sleep. If only she wasn't too mischievous to stay in her crib as is. We stopped putting her in it to nap a long while ago when she started attempting to climb out. In any case, three's really starting to become a crowd as she's getting older and taller. It's about that time for us to let her become a big girl and teach her to sleep on her own. She's already used to having a room of her own and spends a lot of time in their playing with her toys.

I'd like to have her sleeping in her own space in the next few months or less. So many people warned us about co-sleeping in general, but also about co-sleeping past a certain age. I surprisingly know more people who allow their small children to co-sleep with them as opposed to those who don't. Fortunately for us, co-sleeping was an option we chose as opposed to a necessity. Go-2-baby has always had a fully furnished area, or room to call her own since before she was born. It's now just a matter of convincing her dad that it's time to let her be a big girl.

Just last week, she officially gave up the binky, only after months of my pushing for it to e banished. Now we're working firming up potty training and I guess we can now throw in independent sleeping. The first step, of course would be to convert her crib into a toddler bed, if only I knew how to do it myself. Don't get me wrong, I can be quite the handy mommy, but there are some things I prefer not to gamble with. Her crib/bed is one of those things.

There may be many people who frown upon the idea of co-sleeping and may even consider us to be bad parents because our child doesn't sleep in her own bed. I frown upon it myself at times, but this is just what our child is accustomed to. This will hopefully change soon though, because again I will say, three is truly a crowd. I'll be sure to write about our transition when it makes sense. Wish us luck!

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