Black mothers are...

Black mothers are...

I read an article today on Huffington Post titled, "Black Mothers Are The Worst?," it's title came from the author typing "Black mothers are" into the Google search engine and coming up with "Black mothers are the worst" and "Black mothers are abusive," as the top two search results. Of course out of curiosity, I came home and tried for myself, and to my disappointment, came up with the same two unfortunate results. As a Black mother, I can't say I'm offended, but only because I know those two search terms don't represent me. They don't represent many of the Black mothers, young and old who I either know personally, or encounter on a daily basis.

Sure, some mothers may be the worst, some Black women may also be the worst, but being the worst and being a Black mother aren't synonymous. All of us Black mothers aren't abusive, bitter b-words with that awful "baby-mama" mentality. We all aren't irresponsible, baby-making machines who rely on the government to raise our babies.

In fact, the Black mothers I know aren't Black mothers, we are just mothers, plain and simple. Our race or skin color have absolutely nothing to do with our roles  in the lives of our children. We are mothers because we have children whether it's by blood or love. We are mothers because we raise, nurture, protect and provide for the little lives we are responsible for. We are women, be it single,married, in-a-relationship, divorced or widowed, we are mothers just like anyone else deserving of the title.

All mothers aren't good mothers, I can accept that reality. What I can't accept is the notion that the types of Black mothers seen on Maury or WorldStarHipHop are representative of all Black mothers. We give birth to our children the same as anyone else, with the same health risks and the same end results. When my daughter calls out for me, she doesn't say, "Black mommy," she calls me mommy as any other child does.

I can't be mad at Google for those search results, because Google only captures what's frequently searched or talked about across the web. Google isn't accusing Black mothers of being awful and abusive, Google is only reporting what's being said or felt by many of the people who search the web. In the article, it said that it took decades to create the bad perception of the Black mother, well I guess it's going to take decades to turn it all around.

So many Black women with children are out here doing amazing things both publicly and privately.  One of the most powerful and influential women in the country just so happens to be a Black mother and she's definitely one worthy of praising. I personally have great stories to tell and long for the days to share them with my daughter to make her proud. When I look at her each day, I don't see my Black child. I see my child who I love with all of my heart and who I will go to the end of the earth to provide the best possible life for.

So to the mothers who may be offended by those search terms, just know that we have some work to do in reshaping the image of Black women with children. The article also asked us to finish the sentence Black mothers are... and if I could sum it up with one word I'd say, Black mothers are human. That's it, that's all.



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    Great Article.. Doesn't matter what the color or race is.. What matters the most is priorities and lack of ignorance. Something very few mothers have these days. Keep up with the great role models and don't fall trap to belief systems meant to dumb down all children.

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