Science is more fun when you grow up...

Science is more fun when  you grow up...

When I was a kid, I can recall science being one of my least favorite subjects, well besides being in the science fair--mainly to get out of class for a day-- making homemade ice cream and melting styrofoam cups, science wasn't on the top of my list of favorites. In high school, I was so over biology, chemistry and physics and in undergrad I was happy to get any type of passing grade in the mandatory science courses. All of this is strange considering the fact that I always seemed to enjoy class field trips to the Museum of Science and Industry, but then getting out of a day of class more than likely had a lot to do with that.

Now as an adult, I'm interested in all things educational and want to make sure my child/children are able to partake in fun and educational activities outside of school field trips. The Museum of Science and Industry was nice enough to offer our family comp tickets to visit the museum last weekend. We were even able to take advantage of the Wow Tour to take a behind the scenes look at some of the most popular exhibits or attractions. From the huge train display, to the 727 or the Fast Forward exhibit that provides you with an opportunity to look at what the future could possibly look like.

Our tour guide was very engaging and energetic and she provided an interactive experience that the entire family enjoyed. Even Go-2-baby said, "Wow" several times as our group took turns landing the 727 from the ground. Go-2-Sister enjoyed nearly every part of the trip, especially those that provided an opportunity for her actively participate.

One of the coolest attractions for me was the mind-ball game, where you control the ball by simply relaxing. We had a friendly family competition to see who could relax enough to push the ball to the "goal" per say. I'm not sure what the true logistics are behind that, but I believe it's a pretty cool concept.

The most amazing experience for Go-2-daddy and I was our introduction to the miracle berry. We tasted the awfully bitter tablet that makes bitter foods taste like candy. We were both skeptical in the beginning, but the piece of lemon tasted like a lemonade lollipop after trying the miracle berry.

Our tour guide told us that it's currently being tested to possibly help diabetics eat better foods by making them taste more appealing, she also mentioned that it may even help cancer patients regain their appetites after certain treatments. I'm not sure what will become of the miracle berry, but I'm definitely certain that it did exactly what she said it would.

The kids seemed to enjoy the You The Experience interactive attraction, mainly the dance portion of it. Go-2-baby was a little too young for the hamster wheel, but she definitely participated in the interactive dance attraction. She attempted to assist me at the Your Brain station. There's really a lot more to do at the museum, but we had to leave in order to make it to Go-2-baby's Tumbling Tots gymnastics class. I hadn't been to the museum in years, but I do remember having a great time way back when. The exhibits may be different, but at least the Museum of Science and Industry still knows how to make both science and a trip to the museum cooler than either would ever be on its own.

What's your favorite educational attraction in Chicago? I'm always looking for more places to go and would love to hear about your experiences.

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