Not knowing how to swim makes me a bad mom.....

The recent tragedy that has occurred with Usher and Tameka Fosters five year old son really makes me realize just how important it is for me to learn to swim. I can't imagine what those two are  going through, especially a year after losing a child to a freak accident in water. As a parent, I like to believe that my child can count on me in any and every situation she's faced with. When it comes to matters concerning water, that wouldn't exactly be true. I know that there are some things that will be beyond my control, but the ability to swim is something I actually can control.  I've gone to water parks, jumped in pools and played around in water on South Beach and obviously Lake Michigan a few times. I've done all of this without knowing how to swim one bit. Most of the time in these situations, I was only responsible for my own life. Lately however, I've been an adult chaperone/parent which means I'm now responsible for the lives of others while in a setting where I have completely no control. I never learned to swim, not one bit. I didn't get a chance to learn as a child and in high school we didn't have a pool. That doesn't mean I couldn't have taken swimming lessons in the 11 yrs that I've been out of high school of course. I just never ever thought it was something I needed to learn how to do... until maybe now.

Go-2-Baby will be two this year and I really want her to learn to swim and at that time, I plan to take classes as well. It may even be cool to do Parent-and-me classes so that we learn together. I just don't ever want to be in a position where we're in water and I can't save her if something happens. It's those little moments of helplessness that make you feel like a bad parent, or person even. I listened to the 911 call from the incident with Usher's son and the aunt sounded really afraid. You could hear the helplessness in her voice, she couldn't save him. She said she tried to get him out but couldn't. This means, she at least knew how to swim if she was able to even try. Imagine me with my no swimming self. I wouldn't have been able to anything but jump in the pool and drown. What good would that do right? What type of mother would I be if I couldn't save my own child from a body of water in my own backyard?

We don't have a pool now but that doesn't mean we never will. Situations like these always make me wonder what I would or could do if I were put in that position. When it comes to saving my child from water, I'm helpless. No matter how great of a parent I am in any other aspect, in a body of water I am a bad mom. Plain and simple, simple and plain. I owe it to my child to fix that problem so that she can feel secure in knowing that her mommy can come to her rescue if need be.

Of course no one wants to think the worst in any situation, but it's always good to be prepared for it. The summer is almost over now, so swimming lessons will more than likely not happen for us this year. Next year is another story. It is my goal to learn how to swim before Go-2-Baby gets to an age where she wants to swim and play in water. We went to Wisconsin Dells for Go-2-Sister's birthday earlier this year and Go-2-Baby was not a fan of the water. Of course, I can't blame her seeing as though I'm barely a fan of anything other than shallow water that preferably stays at my knees. I don't even like to be waist deep in water if I can help it. But like I said before, that will have to change.



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