Miles away for Mothers Day...

For as long as I can remember, my moms family had an annual Mothers Day tradition where we all went to a buffet style restaurant, mostly Old Country Buffet and sat down for a very early (11 a.m) family meal. We would then go to Toys R' Us or a similar store for all of the little kids to pick out a toy courtesy of my aunt. We kept that tradition going for over 10 years up until a few years ago when everyone began to grow older and go their separate ways. Could be because some of my aunts became mothers themselves and transitioned into their own family traditions. Or could be that some of us simply grew out of he tradition.

I celebrated my first mothers day as a mother last year, every year before that I saw Mothers Day as a holiday to celebrate my mother and all she's done for me. Last year, we (Me, one of my sisters and Go-2-daddy) prepared a dinner Mother's Day feast and we all sat around, ate and enjoyed the company of one another. Go-2-baby was only 5 months old at the time so she of course didn't take part in the festivities. In fact, I believe she slept through the entire dinner, or most of it. My mom more than likely enjoyed having all of her children and grandchildren in one place at the same time. This year, she will be in the presence of all but two of her children (her two oldest daughters) and all but one of her grandchildren (Go-2-baby.)

My mom moved over 500 miles away to Norfolk, Nebraska about two months ago. It dawned on me last week as people began to discuss Mother's Day plans that I would be miles away from my own mother this year. I may have missed a year or two coming home for Mothers Day while in college, however it feels a bit different now. I can't bring myself to complain because at least I can say my mom is miles away, and I can get to her if I needed to. I know there are so many people who aren't blessed to still have a mother around. For that, I remain thankful for my mom and will celebrate her from afar.

Besides, now that I'm a mother, I need to think about what my Mothers Day tradition will be, if I even have one. The holiday now has a completely different angle for me. Of course, it's still about celebrating my mother, but also celebrating my motherhood. I can't wait to hear Go-2-baby say Happy Mother's Day or make me something special at school or daycare. This year, Go-2-baby is still too young to understand the holiday, or any day for that matter. Which means I won't be getting a macaroni necklace or handmade card from her any time soon.

In fact, we may not do much to celebrate Mothers Day this year, unless of course Go-2-daddy has something planned. His mom is out of town visiting her mom, so she won't be around for us to celebrate with either. I've read a lot of blogs and comments of moms who really prefer to celebrate the holiday without their children, if at all. It seems that the holiday for them is more of a day to escape the everyday duties of motherhood and enjoy themselves. I can't blame them for that. Being a mom is the most rewarding yet most consuming position a woman can ever hold. I have no complaints about my duties, but I do understand why so many moms, especially those with smaller children, are hoping to spend their day without being pushed and pulled a million different ways by their little ones.

Another complaint I've seen is that some mothers would rather not be taken to a nice and crowded restaraunt to wait hours to eat an overpriced brunch or dinner. This could explain why our meal time was always so early. Growing up I remember wondering why we always had to go eat dinner before lunch, or why the buffet even started serving dinner food so early. I recall being told once that we were trying to beat the "church" crowd.  Since Mother's Day is another one of those holidays where "non church goers," attend church mainly to please their mothers or grandmothers, it makes sense to beat the rush and enjoy a family meal before all of the restaurants are packed.

Whether you wish to spend your  day enjoying the presence of your moms and/or children, or all alone at the Spa to unwind, enjoy your day. Remember that there are many mothers who have lost children and children who have lost mothers. Their holiday will never be the same, yes they can reminisce on good times spent with their lost loves ones, but it will never be the same. Hug your babies tight and embrace them. Call your mother if you can't spend the day with her and make sure she knows that you appreciate her. Mothers Day is a day to celebrate the joy that is motherhood. As moms, we make many sacrifices for our children, that our moms made for us yet we probably didn't understand until becoming mothers ourselves. So this year, or any year I won't complain about spending Mothers Day with my child or children. Instead, I will remain grateful that I was blessed with the honor of motherhood. Happy Mothers Day everyone!

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