Who needs a Flu Shot.....

Yesterday was Go-2-baby's 1 year well baby check up and the issue of the flu shot came up. I recall several parents telling me that I had a right to question and/or refuse any immunization that wasn't deemed mandatory. I'm normally a go with the flow type person when it comes to Dr visits. I typically believe that Dr always knows best unless I'm given a reason to think otherwise. Well yesterday , I felt the need to question whether or not it was mandatory for my one year old to be given the flu shot. The doctor expressed her feelings about the issue, but was unable to convince me that she needed one. Now, some may feel that I am a bad parent for not allowing my child to get a flu shot. I've never had a flu shot in my life and I've had the flu maybe twice in 28 years of living.

As far as the immunizations go, I allowed them to do all of the required/suggested vaccines that were on the schedule for a 12 month old. I know some people have challenged those as well, but I didn't see a need to question the purpose of the vaccines that I'm pretty sure I had either at her age or at some point in my life.

I like the fact that her doctor didn't attempt to pressure us into giving her the flu shot, instead she suggested that we (Go-2-Daddy and I) get flu shots ourselves to protect Go-2-Baby. I'm actually considering that option because I'd rather be the one who gets the unnecessary flu shot. This was our first time seeing this new doctor being that her former doctor left the practice, this is actually doctor #3 for us. Our first doctor left after her 2 month check up and I was completely devastated. I loved that doctor, we saw her many times during Go-2-baby's first few weeks of life because she was born with jaundice and it took a few weeks to begin clearing up.

Is it normal for pediatricians to jump from practice to practice? I'm really hoping to get a doctor we can stick with for the next few years.

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