Frequent Flyer Mommy

Frequent Flyer Mommy

So it's time again for me to gather my things and head to the airport. A little over 24 hours after flying in from my trip to Atlanta, I'll be heading to Vegas for a 5 day stretch. I'm attending Blogalicious Weekend for the first time. As a PR executive and blogger, I'm excited to see what opportunities and relationships this experience will bring. I'm going from a corporate standpoint obviously, but I plan to soak up all of the knowledge I can get my hands on to help benefit my professional career as well as my blog. As a mommy, it means that I have to kiss Go-2-Baby on the forehead and leave her behind for a few days. She was 3 months old the first time I had to go out of town on business and now 7 months later it hasn't gotten any easier.

I'm truly thankful that Go-2-daddy and both of our families are able to hold it down for me while I'm away. I realize how blessed I am to have such a good man by my side and such a good support system to help us out. I always miss my baby like crazy when I'm away, but it helps to know that she's always in good hands.

We haven't taken our first family vacation yet, but I'm planning to do so either the end of the year or early next year. I want Go-2-baby to experience flying at an early age. It may sound crazy, but I feel that she should be able to share this piece of my world. I fly a lot and as she gets older I will have to explain that mommy is getting on a plane and will be gone for a few days. She's too young now to realize when I'm going out of town or to even know what out of town means.

I plan on blogging from Blogalicious to share some of my experiences. If any of my fellow Chicago Now bloggers will be there please give me a shout. I will be tweeting from the conference as well. @Cnicoleprgirl is my handle, follow me and I will follow back.


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