Go-2-Mommy's 8 Fave Shopping Places in Chicago

Go-2-Mommy's 8 Fave Shopping Places in Chicago
Go-2-baby is wearing a shirt and skirt from Target, tights from Conway and shows from T.J. Maxx

Soo everyone who knows me knows that I love shopping, always have and more than likely always will. That hasn't changed at all since I became a mommy. In fact, my shopping habit has gotten worse. The only difference is now my shopping usually consists of purchasing tiny items for my mini me. I often find myself in stores oohing and ahhing over every little dress, blouse, pair of boots or skinny leg jeans made for baby girls.

With so many options, its hard to really pic favorite places to shop, but in the almost 9 months, I've found at least 8 places where I can't resist buying Go-2-baby clothes from. I go to so many places to mix and match outfits so that she isn't wearing exactly what all of the other little girls are wearing. My next try will be some of the local baby boutiques but for now, here are my top 8 fave shopping places for Go-2-baby.


Children's Place- Before she was born I promised myself I wouldn't shop here because everyone I knew seemed to shop their for their little girls. Once I realized how good the sales were, I quickly got over that and I've been in love ever since. Not to mention the selection gets cuter and cuter as Go-2-baby gets older. I mainly shop at the North Riverside Mall location, well only because I don't know where another is since both of the North Ave locations closed down earlier this year.

Old Navy- I remember shopping at Old Navy while in high school, but I never ever had reason to check out the kids clothing section. They have some pretty cute little girl clothing especially for toddlers, the infant section could use a little work, but hey were are graduating from that section soon. Nevertheless, we have snagged some cute little items from there. I shop at both the State st location downtown and the North Riverside location. They pretty much have the same selection.

America's Kids- I know you're probably wondering why I would pick a place that's usually filled with overly branded urban apparel, but that's not what I like to get from there at all. In fact, Go-2-baby has a cute little jacket from there. It's like an infant members only jacket and it was only about $15. I go to the North Riverside Mall location mainly, the other location on North Ave and Cicero is always crowded although it's much larger than the mall store.

Burlington Coat Factory- I've always been a fan of Burlington Coat Factory when it came to catching cute pairs of shoes for myself, but now that I have Go-2-baby, I've found jackets, shoes and cute little accessories there that work well for her. The prices are always pretty good too. I shop mainly at the location near North Riverside mall, I can't wait until the one opens up on State st below T.J. Maxx this fall.

Babies R Us- Yes yes yes, some people may say they are a bit pricey and I don't disagree, but they have some of thee cutest clothing there. I can't help but walk through the infant/toddler clothes and shoe section at least twice whenever I stop in. I mainly shop at the location near North Riverside mall.

 T.J. Maxx- Go-2-baby is clearly a maxxinista in training. T.J. Maxx never lets me down, there's always something I simply can't resist in the store. I only shop at the State St. location downtown and they always have a fresh selection in the kids and baby sections. I often stop by the big girls section and gawk at clothing Go-2-baby can't quite fit yet.

Sears- Family favorite Sears, has some cute cute cute as a button baby girl clothes. I shop at both the State St location downtown and the North Riverside Mall locations. The prices are fair, a little more expensive than some of my other shopping choices besides Children's Place. Still in all I can find some cute stuff at Sears.

Finally my ultimate fave, fave, fave place to shop for Go-2-baby is TARGET all three locations I frequent (State St, Cicero and 29th and Roosevelt and Canal) have super cute clothing for little girls of all ages. From newborn to tweenage, Target is my favorite place to go for everything from basics, to dresses to shoes. I love love love Target.

I frequent some of these stores more often than others like Target, T.J. Maxx, Children's Place and Sears. I even check online frequently to see when new selections are available when possible. I know it sounds like a lot of places to go, but hey a mommy has to do what a mommy has to do.





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