Our first hair challenge

Our first hair challenge
Go-2-baby has nice length for an infant, I hope to double her length by her first birthday

I've been a busy mommy these days between work and maintaining the household, I've barely had any time to write on here. Surprise, surprise right! Ok but, tonight I wanted to take some time and write about something very exciting that Go-2-Baby and I will be participating in over the next few days. Well first let me give you all a little background information...

I've been styling children's hair since I was about 13 years old, but it was more about styling than maintenance for me. I didn't know much about maintaining health hair or promoting hair growth back then. I'm actually reading up on it now because I have a child of my own and I've seen one too many little girls lose a head full of beautiful hair because of improper maintenance. In order to avoid this from happening with Go-2-Baby, I began following hair care blogs pretty closely.

Right now the top hair care blogs on my list are Braids Beads & Beyond, Baby Big Hair and Mainly Braids. I truly recommend all three of these for mothers of little girls especially those with curly or kinky hair. These blogs are really good for providing inspiration for creative hairstyles and for effective hair care regimens.

Baby Big Hair is hosting the Frotective Challenge from July 4-July 7th. The challenge involves sharing daily photos of our hairstyles of choice for our children. These hairstyles must involve fros, curly puffs or other natural hairstyles. I plan on doing some simple puffs for tomorrow and maybe even a twist out for the remaining days of the contest.  I'm not sure how it will come out so wish me luck. I will of course be posting a daily photo.

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