1st Birthday blues and pinks and purples....

1st Birthday blues and pinks and purples....

Last year this time I was impatiently waiting to give birth to my first child. Meanwhile I had family members, friends and acquaintances all around me giving birth during what we called the "Boom 2011." Welp all of the boom babies have either surpassed or are approaching the one year mark. My summer and fall of 2011 was spent in between attending baby showers and planning my own. As a result, I expect to start seeing first birthday party invitations rolling in by the dozen.

Now that Go-2-Baby is days away from being 8 months old, I feel that now is the perfect time to start working on her first birthday party plans. A lot of people may feel that 1st birthdays aren't a big deal, but I beg to differ. People talk about how the child won't remember and all of that but children don't remember a lot of things that happen during the first few years of life.

I've been planning this party in my head for the last 7 months or so. I've gone back and forth about during a character theme or some other creative out-the-box theme. I'm actually leaning towards the latter. I don't plan on having an expensive over-the-top  party by any means, I just want a nice party to celebrate Go-2-Baby's first year.

I've given myself a few guidelines to stick to that may be helpful to others:


1. Keep the guest list small (close family and friends with young children close to her age)

2. Make the food menu 1 yr old friendly (foods she can actually eat)

3. Stick to infant and toddler activities (no need for a pinata, do stuff like puppet shows, fun kiddie music etc. )

4. Be mindful with decorations (confetti is a no no, small enough to swallow)

5. Don't make it too long (small children get restless quick, 2-3 hours should be perfect)


I will be updating you all on my planning progress each month. I still need to choose a color scheme, pattern, theme and everything else. I started a board on Pinterest with Cake ideas already. I will definitely be looking into some of the more creative design's I've found. Thanks to the online world, there are so many places I can look for ideas and online stores to purchase personalized party supplies from. I'm probably going to have more fun than I should planning her party. I've always been the type of person who likes to plan out every single detail. I started planning my baby shower the moment I saw the word "positive" on the EPT. I still can't believe the first 7 months have flown by so fast. Go-2-Baby is so active and is really growing into her personality. Welp, let me get to planning. I want to at least have my theme finalized before she turns 9 months. Am I doing all of this too soon? How early did you all start planning for the "Big 1" as I call it?



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