What's in a name?.... Apparently more than just a couple letters

What's in a name?.... Apparently more than just a couple letters

I came across an article on the Society for Human Resource Management website that truly expresses the importance of selecting names for your children that aren't too difficult to pronounce or unappealing. According to research done by SHRM, your name can have negative consequences in the career world. Research shows  that HR managers are more likely to hire or promote individuals with names that are easy to pronounce. Is this ethical? Probably not but its definitely happening. It's just a little something to think about when you're thinking about the perfect name for your bundle of joy. There are far too many resumes that won't make it past the first set of eyes because of the name is something like Shantequiana or some other mess that is simply a sight for sore eyes. What ever happened to the simple names like Jane, Mary and Susan? Well apparently some people are still using good old fashioned names. The Social Security Administration recently released the list of 2011's most popular boy and girl names. Lets check the list out:


1. Jacob and Sophia

2. Mason and Isabella

3. William and Emma

4. Jayden and Olivia

5. Noah and Ava

6. Michael and Emily

7. Ethan and Abigail

8. Alexander and Madison

9. Aiden and Mia

10. Daniel and Chloe

To see the most popular names by state check out the SSA website

As you can see, the top ten names are quite normal overall so I guess the creative names aren't exactly taking over. I don't mind hearing a unique name every now and then, or even a normal name with a twist on the spelling, but some people just take it way too far. Of course its their children and their decision, but I wish people would take into consideration that these children will someday become adults who have to put those names on resumes for jobs. Unless of course they are born into wealth or fame, or both. I guess celebrities can get away with naming their children anything so why can't the average Jane, right? I've heard some pretty crazy names in my day, including my own first name that I prefer not to use in life. I typically go by my middle name because it's easier to pronounce and its normal to say the least. What's the craziest name you've heard? Did you name your child anything fun and different? I want to hear from you all.

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