Let The Feeding Games Begin

Let The Feeding Games Begin

I remember when I first found out I was expecting Go-2-baby. I couldn't wait for her to be born for many reasons, one of those reasons was because of all the fun foods that are on the market for babies. They have baby fruit snacks, granola bars and yogurt, three things I personally am a big fan of. Of course I knew that there would be months before she could try any of it.

In the beginning, it was all about measuring formula and making bottles. As soon as we hit the four month mark, I was at the grocery store gawking over the cereals, fruits, veggies and more. I ended up having Go-2-daddy pick out all of the stage 1 fruits and veggies he could find. Now Go-2-baby is a little over 5 months and she seems to be just as fond of baby food as I am of her having them.

Thus far we've tried carrots (not her favorite) apples, bananas, peaches and today strawberry yogurt blends. All from Gerber of course. What can I say, Gerber is the baby food choice for me, its mainly what I remember my mom buying for my younger siblings. And its.... Gerber for crying out loud. When you think of baby food you think of Gerber. Well at least I do. I know there's Beechnut and a few organic brands, but I'm going with the leader in the food category for Go-2-baby.

I went to WalMart today looking for some of those Snack Yumms or Mumms dissolving cookies that are supposed to be good for teething babies. I didn't find any, but I did come across the yogurt blends I'd been drooling over since before she was born. So today I came home eager to feed her some of it and she loved it. Go figure, Go-2-daddy and I love yogurt and I couldn't wait to see if she did too. I'm not sure if its something she will love forever, but for now she's a fan.

What was the first food you fed your baby? Did you find that he/she liked fruits or veggies more?  After the disaster with carrots, I haven't fed her anything but fruit. I have squash, peas and sweet potatoes so I will eventually find out how she reacts to all of those. I'm interested to hear some of your stories. So far Go-2-baby loves all of the fruit she's been given which is understandable because I'm a lover of most fruits. Am I the only mom excited about feeding my baby solids? Formula just isn't all that fun to me.

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