To pierce or not to pierce... that is the question

To pierce or not to pierce... that is the question

I seem to have a one post a month average going right now. I promise this will change now that I will be done with Grad school...finally. Ok it was only four semesters, but this has been thee longest 21 months of my life. But that's a different post.

Today I want to talk about a topic that Go-2-daddy and I have different views on. He wants to wait until Go-2-baby is a year old to pierce her ears, I on the other hand have been waiting for a reason to get them done. Her doctor originally told me it was safe to get them done after her first set of shots, but recommended that I wait until after she's six months old. Well now, shes going to be six months on May 23 and I'm considering doing it then if not before.

Mothers day is May 13 and I would love for her to have her ears pierced before then, but I'm really trying to compromise. Go-to-baby clearly looks like a little girl, but without earrings some people often ask if she's a boy or a girl. Even when she's dressed to the nines in pink, frilly flowery stuff.

At what age did you get your little ones ears pierced? A lot of people tell me its best to get it out the way before she gets old enough to notice. At one she may be inclined to pull on her ears and of course we don't want that. I'm really trying to wait it out but it looking like we will be taking that trip next month some time. A lot of people also say that its best to have her doctor pierce her ears, what ever happened to the little lady in the mall who does them at Piercing Pagoda... I think that's what its called. I think my mom pierced most of our ears herself to be honest, but I don't have the guts to do hers myself.

Well, that's it for this post. I have some reviews and news coming up shortly. Maybe even another post or two tonight depending on what Go-2-baby is feeling.

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  • My son pierced the ears of his 1-year-old girl. I see nothing wrong with the concept, really. They did it after 6 months, too.

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    Thank for your reply :)

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