The Crying Game...

The Crying Game...

There are times when Go-2-baby is the perfect baby and only cries when she's hungry, sleepy or needs to be changed, if even then. So many people tell me how lucky I am to have a baby that never really cries. Lately she's been playing what I like to call "the crying game" with mommy and daddy. She will be at daycare or anywhere else she goes, and then she comes home and just cries for no reason at all. We feed her, play with her, change her and she still will cry and cry and cry. We believe she might be teething, but is there a such thing as only having teething pains at home? She doesn't act this way anywhere else but with us.

I usually end up blogging when I'm supposed to be doing something else, like right now I have a paper due in the morning and I'm not quite done with it. I'm having writers block which is typically when I'm motivated to blog. I've been trying to get through this last semester of Grad school and I'm just about there. Three more weeks and I will walk across the stage for the last time. I may play a little crying game of my own when the day comes. It's been a long time coming and I'm so ready to see what life is like minus homework assignments, term papers and group projects.

I should be able to write more once it's over and done with. Well, I have to go now. The crying game is starting back up and I can't quite type and hold her at the same time just yet. I tried it last night and yea it just doesn't work. She likes sitting in front of the computer though so at least that counts for something.

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