Finding Time For Mommy

Finding Time For Mommy

Sooo, when I started this blog, I thought it would be so easy to write at least once a week while juggling new found mommyhood, grad school and work. I looked up and its almost been a month since my last post on here. The time seems to be going by too fast for me to capture a moment. So many people tell me that Go-to-baby's first year is going to go by so fast that I will hardly believe my eyes. It's already been three months since she was born and at times I just don't know where the time has gone.

I have no complaints about mommyhood, I wouldn't trade this position for anything in the world. Becoming a mother has changed my life and my mindset in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I knew this would be life-changing, but I never knew just how much. Everything I do is different now. For starters, I've joined the couponing craze that seems to be going around these days.

During my pregnancy, I signed up for a whole bunch of sites and clubs for moms. Most of which were to save me money on things like Formula, diapers, bottles etc. Most of them haven't really saved me any money besides Similac and Babies R Us oh and Children's Place who seems to almost always have a sale or coupon of some sort. Either way, I keep finding the time to sign up for something new.

I've also become obsessed with shopping for Go-to-Baby. I can't walk into a store without heading straight to the baby aisle. I'm always buying clothing, shoes and everything else a baby could need or not need. Seriously, its an addiction that a few parents warned me about. They said I'd start shopping more for her and less for me. I remember going out to look for a coat for myself, I came home with a jacket for Go-to-baby and one of those carrier things I may never use.

I think I will always find time to do things related to my baby. My world will revolve around her no matter what, at some point though I will have to start finding just a little time for mommy.

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