What's a Mommy to do....

Go-to-Baby is experiencing her very first cold and it seems harder for me to handle than it is for her. We took her to the ER last night because I was worried about her cough and after 3 hours, they finally discharged her telling us that there wasn't much more we could do besides what we were already doing. Having a sick child is a worry for anyone, but with a newborn, its scary. I can't help but pick her up every time she coughs and it hurts me to know that I can't do much to soothe her. Sure her humidifier works and keeping her nasal passage clear isn't her favorite thing but it truly helps.

I'll just be glad when she gets over this ugly cold. I'm thankful we aren't having a hard winter this year because then it could be worse. In any case I'm wondering if other moms have any remedies that have worked for helping a baby get over a cold. Go-to-Baby is 10 weeks old now and there isn't any cold medicine on the market recommended for a child her age. I've been told to sit her in the bathroom with the shower running so the steam can help break up the mucus. That's one remedy I haven't tried yet mainly because I'm skeptical. I just feel that it may cause her to sweat more than she needs to.

What's a mommy to do.....if you have any suggestions other than what I've mentioned here please feel free to comment. Even if you don't all comments are welcome.

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