Hot Spots for Winter Play-dates in the City

Hot Spots for Winter Play-dates in the City

Go-2-mommy has been pretty busy these last few days, explaining my lack of posting on here. I started my final semester of Grad school earlier this week and before then, I was pretty much preparing to go back to work and school. That in addition to being a mommy of course, oh and yes I have time for play-dates too.

Now some may feel that the idea of play-dates are a waste of time, but for those of us moms who like to be social with our kiddies in tote, play-dates are the perfect way to get out of the house without requiring a sitter. Go-2-baby has already had two play-dates in her 8 weeks of life. The first at 6 days old and the second this past weekend at 7 weeks old. Needless to say, the second was a lot more successful than the first. She slept for the entire play-date #1.

Our play-dates thus far have been at either our home or my BFF's home. (Yes she has a brand new bundle of joy as well.) This post is going to highlight a few hot spots for play-dates during the lovely Chicago winter.

My-Gym Chicago is a Childrens fitness facility known for hosting many workshops and classes for children 6 weeks to 13 years of age. My Gym currently has six locations in the Chicagoland area. The facilities are perfect for play-dates, birthday parties and so much more. Prices vary for members and non-members. More information can be found on the My-Gym website.

Bloom Yoga Studio is a place where families can go to wind down with yoga. The studio hosts offers an extensive schedule of yoga sessions for expecting moms, mom and baby, little kids, tweens and the entire family as well. Yoga is a great way to have a play date while winding down from a long week. Located on the north side of Chicago, Bloom Yoga Studio makes for a perfect play-date.

Family Grounds Cafe is one of many Play Cafes in the Chicagoland area. Play cafes offer the perfect environment for play-dates because they offer a relaxed social environment for parents while offering an exciting  and playful experience for children. Family Grounds cafe is located on the north side of Chicago at 3652 N Lincoln Ave.

Chicago Children's Museum located at Navy Pier is an educational and fun filled indoor facility to host play-dates during the winter. With all of the other indoor kid friendly attractions at Navy Pier, Chicago Children's Museum makes for a great experience for kiddies of all ages. Children of all ages can participate in fun filled activities or simply explore the arts, music and more with all the museum has to offer.

Whether you want to gather your girls and take all the tots out for fitness, educational fun or a cup of coffee, there are plenty of options to choose from for play-dates in Chicago. Don't let the cold keep you in the house this winter. Sure the zoos and other outdoor facilities are pretty much off limits, but the Chicagoland area has much more to offer for mommys on the go.

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