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DIY Friday: Did You Make Your Summer Fun List Yet?

We’ve been making it for several years now – before kids and now with kids. We set aside an evening at the beginning of each summer, get the laptop booted up, iPhones handy, fridge calendar, sports practice schedules, and whatever else is needed to plan. Everyone in the family gets a chance to weigh in... Read more »

Gluten Free Friendly Bistro 110 Closing in August

Bistro 110 has been one my favorites for years. I have fond memories of eating there with my high school girlfriends during our escapes from teenage life in the suburbs. After a day of mostly window shopping along the Mag Mile, we’d treat ourselves to mussels and pommes frites at Bistro 110 and discuss everything... Read more »

Cubs Hit a Home Run with Gluten Free Concessions

The forecast is for a rain/snow mix, so it must be Opening Day for the Chicago Cubs. Last summer, my husband and I were fortunate enough to score a babysitter for the entire day to enjoy a Cubs game on a hot, sunny July afternoon. I was a little concerned though when I started thinking... Read more »