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A Gluten Free Pregnancy: The 4th Trimester

With Mother’s Day approaching, I thought it fitting to write a post for all you brand new, gluten free moms (myself included)… You survived pregnancy, huffed and puffed through labor, and baby is here! Now what? The first three months with a newborn, commonly known as the fourth trimester, are an exciting and exhausting time... Read more »

A Gluten Free Pregnancy: Countdown to Delivery Day

A Gluten Free Pregnancy: Countdown to Delivery Day
You’re almost there! If your due date is rapidly approaching, or in my case, your due date has come and gone with no new little bundle yet, you are probably trying to get some last remaining to do’s scratched off your list. Baby websites like Babycenter and The Bump have some great to do lists... Read more »

DIY Decorating: Combined Master Bedroom and Baby Nursery

Our master bedroom - after update and with baby's crib.
While moving into a McMansion could certainly the solve space issues we are encountering in our modest three-bedroom home with two children and a third on the way any day, it is not in our fiscal future any time soon. Even if we had thousands of extra square footage at our disposal, I think we’d... Read more »

A Gluten Free Pregnancy: The First Trimester

A Gluten Free Pregnancy: The First Trimester
Nausea, oh nausea. Morning. Noon. Night. Hitting me like a freight train at week 5 and rendering me a virtually useless individual until about a week and a half ago. And if I wasn’t feeling nauseous, I just wanted to curl up in bed and sleep. (Hence the lack of gladly gluten free blog posts... Read more »
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