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I'll Have the Big Salad...Mid-week Menus

I'll Have the Big Salad...Mid-week Menus
What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of salad? Probably a less-than filling array of wilted, yellowing iceberg lettuce, some unripe tomato slices and sprinkles of bright orange shredded cheese. Or, connotations of “eating weeds”, as my father affectionately calls salads with strange lettuces, sprouts, and other exotic greens.  I’d say... Read more »

Mid-week Menu: Creative Uses for Barbecue Pork Ribs

If you read my News & Nibbles post from Monday, you learned that we grilled some delicious racks of baby back ribs, coated with my husband’s sweet & spicy rib rub recipe, over the weekend. Here’s the rub (pun intended). What do you do with leftover baby back ribs? In usual Costco fashion, we overbought.... Read more »

Gluten Free Breakfast of Champions - The Smoothie

Since Wheaties are no longer a breakfast menu option in our household, we have turned our sights to the blender and its seemingly endless possibilities of breakfast concoctions. The kids look forward to choosing which fruit will succumb to the power of the blades as well as who gets first dibs on pressing “pulse” or... Read more »