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A Gluten Free Pregnancy: The First Trimester

A Gluten Free Pregnancy: The First Trimester
Nausea, oh nausea. Morning. Noon. Night. Hitting me like a freight train at week 5 and rendering me a virtually useless individual until about a week and a half ago. And if I wasn’t feeling nauseous, I just wanted to curl up in bed and sleep. (Hence the lack of gladly gluten free blog posts... Read more »

Mid-week Menu: Pasketti & Meatballs

I know it is a plate of cartoon spaghetti & meatballs, but I swear anytime I watch Disney’s “The Lady and the Tramp” with the kids,  I get hungry for pasta. Pasketti and meatballs, as my daughter calls this classic Italian dish, is a great weeknight menu item. The meatballs do take a little bit... Read more »

Chicken Soup for the Celiac Soul

To follow on an earlier post of mine about gluten and casein free over-the-counter medications, probably the best medicine when you are feeling under the weather is a nice, hot bowl of soup. I alternate between a few different versions of vegetable noodle and chicken noodle loaded up with a few extra veggies. The warmth... Read more »