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Top Ten Fourth of July Foods - Done Gluten Free and Dairy Free!

Whether you are hosting an Independence Day gathering in a few hours and have a guest with special dietary needs or you’re on the hook to bring a side dish, being on a gluten free and dairy free diet doesn’t mean you can’t partake in some of the traditional 4th of July favorites. All it... Read more »

Try This for Your New Year's Hangover

Try This for Your New Year's Hangover
Ah, the ghosts of New Year’s past. Most everyone has a New Year’s celebration somewhere in their past that they’d like to forget…or better yet, remember. It probably began innocently enough but soon followed with one too many cocktails and a pounding headache on New Year’s Day. Back in our twenties, my friends and I... Read more »

Meat + Grill = Love on Daddy's Day

When it comes to Hallmark holidays, men are much less complex than women. For Mother’s Day, I secretly hope to awaken to breakfast in bed, a fully cleaned house, and a massage scheduled at the local salon. I start dropping subtle hints a week or two before and hope for the best. When I asked... Read more »

Eggstremely Easy Egg Salad

Eggstremely Easy Egg Salad
When I tell people that I have a dairy allergy, they often ask if I can have eggs. I wondered that myself when I was first diagnosed. There is often a misconception that eggs are a dairy product because they are found in the dairy section of a grocery store alongside milk, cream, butter and... Read more »
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    I've been gluten and dairy free since 2008 and hope to share recipes and resources I've discovered for living with celiac.

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