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Avoid the Post-Holiday Blahs and Celebrate Winter in Your Home

Arrange mason jars filled with kosher salt, pinecones, and twigs to create a winter mantle or countertop display.
The tree is down, ornaments packed up, and every bit of sparkly Christmas magic gone from the mantle. If you are like me, it is gratifying to have those holiday Rubbermaids packed away in attic until next year, but my house suddenly looks bare. Every year I seem to go through this. When I take... Read more »

Keep 'Em Turning Pages All Summer Long with Kids Book Club

Keep 'Em Turning Pages All Summer Long with Kids Book Club
Summer is a great time for kids to soak up the sun, enjoy outdoor sports, and visit with family and friends. With many families’ summer schedules already chock full of activities, unfortunately, reading often falls by the wayside. My kids love reading books, but even we’ve forgone our daily reading before bedtime for occasional evening... Read more »

DIY Friday: Easy Entertaining Tips from Jeanne Benedict

DIY Friday: Easy Entertaining Tips from Jeanne Benedict
Do you have people coming over in a few days to celebrate the 4th of July and have no idea what to feed them or how to entertain them? Short on time, money, and still want to pull off a polished get together? Today’s DIY post is just for you. Summertime is a time for... Read more »

DIY Enchanted Children's Garden for Under $250

These warm Chicago weekends bring out all the “do-it-yourselfers”. If you don’t have a picnic or graduation party to attend this weekend, chances are you are planting, painting, or sprucing up your outdoor space in preparation for the Chicago summer. This week’s DIY is a project I completed the other weekend – creating an enchanted... Read more »

DIY Decorating: Don't Spring for Expensive Spring Decor. Go Attic Shopping!

I always look forward to the change of seasons, in part because it gives me an opportunity to change up my home decor.  Whites and brighter shades for spring and summer, earth tones for fall, and deep reds for winter are some of my favorites. It’s tempting to want go shopping each season for new... Read more »