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DIY Friday: Three Ways to Put Those Pumpkins to Good Use

Although it’s tempting to overdo it with all of the great Halloween decorations out there, we took a minimalist approach in our house this year. A few spooky spiders here, a ghastly ghost there, any many pumpkins. Not only are pumpkins cheap and great to eat in a variety of recipes, but they also transition... Read more »

Money Management for the 7 and Under Crowd

Money Management for the 7 and Under Crowd
Like most families, we have been taking advantage of summertime to explore Chicagoland, visit with friends…even take a few short getaways. While we’ve certainly had enjoyable experiences, I don’t think my little ones fully realize that traveling from here to there (seemingly everywhere) costs money. Though they are only 5 and 7 years old, I... Read more »

DIY Friday: Easy Entertaining Tips from Jeanne Benedict

DIY Friday: Easy Entertaining Tips from Jeanne Benedict
Do you have people coming over in a few days to celebrate the 4th of July and have no idea what to feed them or how to entertain them? Short on time, money, and still want to pull off a polished get together? Today’s DIY post is just for you. Summertime is a time for... Read more »

DIY Friday: Did You Make Your Summer Fun List Yet?

We’ve been making it for several years now – before kids and now with kids. We set aside an evening at the beginning of each summer, get the laptop booted up, iPhones handy, fridge calendar, sports practice schedules, and whatever else is needed to plan. Everyone in the family gets a chance to weigh in... Read more »

Creative Gifts for Terrific Teachers, Great Grads, and Darn Good Dads

‘Tis the season for end of the school year picnics and graduation parties, not to mention Father’s Day just around the corner. What to give all of these terrific teachers, great grads, and damn good Dads in your life? Today’s DIY Friday edition is filled with a few creative gift ideas for giving that special... Read more »