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Gluten Free Cookies, Gift Wrapping, and Christmas, Oh My!

I am writing this post as we barrel down the highway at 88 miles an hour towards central Illinois to start our family Christmas. I secretly think my husband is attempting to turn our Durango into a DeLorean and go back to Christmas future 🙂  I just love that I can multi-task because it’s been... Read more »

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for Mommies-to-Be and Those Gluten Free

The holidays are almost upon us, but there is still time to shop….especially for those that are harder to buy for this time of year. Having celiac disease and being pregnant, I know I can be a difficult person to Christmas shop for….clothes are a little iffy because of my ever expanding belly and the... Read more »

Yes, You Can Enjoy Halloween Without Gluten!

Yes, You Can Enjoy Halloween Without Gluten!
Ok, people. It’s officially Halloween – time for tricks and lots of treats. I am re-posting my popular gluten free candy post from last year, with a few new additions for 2012. As you’ll see, I decided to embrace my burgeoning baby bump this year. Me and baby to be are going as a farmer... Read more »