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A Gluten Free Pregnancy: The Third Trimester

A Gluten Free Pregnancy: The Third Trimester
How timely is it that I get into the car the other morning and Europe’s “The Final Countdown” is playing on my radio? Here it is, the third trimester of pregnancy and I am wondering where all of the time went. I never thought this time would come while in the throws of morning, noon,... Read more »

A Gluten Free Pregnancy: The Second Trimester

Well, here I am in the midst of my second trimester already. Many women attest to this trimester as their best – increased energy, not too much discomfort, and little to no nausea. I have to agree. I am continuing with dance classes (albeit at a slower pace and sans booty and hip shaking), I... Read more »

Mid-week Menu: Creative Uses for Barbecue Pork Ribs

If you read my News & Nibbles post from Monday, you learned that we grilled some delicious racks of baby back ribs, coated with my husband’s sweet & spicy rib rub recipe, over the weekend. Here’s the rub (pun intended). What do you do with leftover baby back ribs? In usual Costco fashion, we overbought.... Read more »

A Great Weekend to be Gluten Free in Chicago

If you had to pick a weekend to embark on your gluten free diet, this would be it. You can sample some of the latest and greatest gluten and allergen free foods on the market at the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo Saturday, April 14th and Sunday, April 15th at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center.... Read more »

Semi-homemade Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Coconut Frosting

We are always looking for something sweet in this house after dinner. Short on time, I headed to the freezer and pulled out some unfrosted chocolate cupcakes I had made using Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free Devil’s Food Cake Mix. Once re-heated in the microwave, they were just as moist and chocolately as the day I... Read more »

I Heart Woodman's

I used to consider shopping at two to three different grocery stores plus the health food store part of my shopping “routine” until I discovered Woodman’s in Carpentersville. It is still a good 20 minute drive from home, but in my opinion, well worth it for their selection and pricing of gluten free products. Half... Read more »