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Hey You Race Organizers Out There...Can You Hook a Gluten Free Girl Up?

It’s summer time, and the 5K, 10K, Fun Run, Race/Walk, Half-Marathon, Triathlon, you name it events are in full swing in Chicagoland. There are so many events benefiting so many great causes out there, I often have a hard time choosing between them all. You can get inspired by running downtown with thousands of other... Read more »

Against the Grain - A Sampling of Great Gluten Free Breads

Is good gluten free bread an oxymoron? I used to think so. I can recall bringing home loaves of gluten free bread from the grocery store that literally made a “thud” noise when dropped on my kitchen counter. Bread shouldn’t do that. I can also recall trying to make a sandwich with two pieces of... Read more »