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Crunchy & Quick: Tasty Turkey Tacos for your Mid-week Menu

Crunchy & Quick: Tasty Turkey Tacos for your Mid-week Menu
Just when I thought summer was winding down a bit, pee wee football pre-season conditioning has begun, meaning daily practices right during dinner time. Hmmm…this is a good week for leftovers, PB & Js with some warmed up frozen veggies, leftovers, and the quickie everyone seems to love, toasted ham sandwiches. Another quick standby? Tacos.... Read more »

I'll Have the Big Salad...Mid-week Menus

I'll Have the Big Salad...Mid-week Menus
What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of salad? Probably a less-than filling array of wilted, yellowing iceberg lettuce, some unripe tomato slices and sprinkles of bright orange shredded cheese. Or, connotations of “eating weeds”, as my father affectionately calls salads with strange lettuces, sprouts, and other exotic greens.  I’d say... Read more »

DIY Cinco de Mayo: Big Flavors with Little Time

Looking for easy ways to throw together a Cinco de Mayo celebration today while short on time? No worries. Cinco de Mayo is all about enjoying the flavors of Mexican cuisine with family, friends,  and of course, a good margarita…or two….or three. You can host a get-together that is muy bueno without breaking the bank... Read more »

Gluten Free Ryan Gosling and Gwyneth....News N' Nibbles Monday

Well, the weekend is over and Monday is here again. What’s new in the world of living gluten free you ask? Let me tell you. The Collegiate Celiac For better or worse, keg parties and late night pizza deliveries are ubiquitous on most college campuses. For college students with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities, partaking... Read more »

Let the Countdown to Bikini Season Begin with Quinoa Salad

Let the Countdown to Bikini Season Begin with Quinoa Salad
Call it your winter weight, an extra layer of padding, or a spare tire. Whatever your endearing term is for that extra couple of pounds you seem to have accumulated over the past few months, now is the time to get rid of it. Stepping up your fitness routine can help banish those cottage cheese... Read more »
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