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Mid-week Menu: Maple Chicken That Cuts the Mustard

Mid-week Menu: Maple Chicken That Cuts the Mustard
It’s not easy planning weeknight dinners in our gladly gluten free house…or in anyone’s household for that matter. There is an art to coming up with something that is fast, tasty, not too bad for you, while successfully using what you have on-hand in your fridge or pantry. I’m usually thinking about what to throw... Read more »

Somebunny Loves You on Easter

“How does the Easter Bunny get so smart?” my daughter asked this morning as she enjoyed the new Barbie Princess book from her Easter basket. “He left me exactly the Barbie book I wanted from the grocery store.” I didn’t even have to respond. My son replied in a very matter-of-fact tone, “Easter School. That’s... Read more »

Nibbles N' Bites for Superbowl Sunday

Nibbles N' Bites for Superbowl Sunday
Ah, it’s that time of year when I get to pretend to be a football fan. Aside from donning a McMahon jersey and dancing the Superbowl Shuffle back in 1987, I have been feigning interest in this event ever since. But let’s be honest here. Not counting the die-hard Giants and Patriots fans, isn’t Superbowl... Read more »

Gluten and Dairy Free Easter Menu: Easy and Elegant

If you haven’t already planned your Easter menu, here are some easy and delicious options for a completely gluten and dairy free Easter meal. Ham, potatoes, and asparagus are traditional fare, but I’ve added a little twist to each for added flavor without much fuss. The butter lamb was always a tradition in our household,... Read more »
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