Chuck E. Cheese's Gets on the Gluten Free Bandwagon: News & Nibbles Monday

Chuck E. Cheese's Gets on the Gluten Free Bandwagon: News & Nibbles Monday

Chuckie E. Cheese's: Where a  Gluten Free Kid Can Be A Kid?

I must have cheese on the brain. Last week's News N' Nibbles post centered around cheese, and now I'm on to the cheese nibbling, party mouse Chuck E Cheese.

Chuck E. Cheese's and indoor inflatable jump zones are the place to be for the 2-7 year-old crowd.  We've spent many weekends with the big scary mouse that loves video games for kid birthday parties and play dates. When it comes to mealtime at Chuckie's, I am usually either nervously negotiating the salad bar or asking servers to microwave some pre-made gluten free meal that I brought in Tupperware for my son.

With many chain restaurants feeling the need to adopt gluten free menus, the Nation's Restaurant News reported that Chuck E. Cheese's will now be testing out the addition of a pre-packaged gluten free pizza and gluten free cupcake in its Minnesota locations. These products will both be made in a gluten free facility to avoid any potential cross-contamination and are rice flour based. If these products test well, Chuck E. Cheese's representatives say they may even consider gluten free birthday parties at some point in the future, amongst other products for special dietary needs.

Gluten Free Nibbles on the Market

While shopping at Woodman's this weekend, I spied a couple of "new" gluten free product offerings in their gluten free aisle and gluten free frozen food section. I say "new" because while most have been around a while, they are new to my grocery cart :)

  • Glutino "Genius" Bread: In addition to Rudi's and Udi's, Glutino now has a Genius white and multi-grain sandwich bread offering that claims to be soft and light. We've been enjoying the breakfast bars, frozen pizzas, and crackers for years, so will include this new line of bread into our shopping cart as well. I do like the larger size of each piece of bread vs. the smaller slices you get with Udi's. Although it is considered "multi-grain", it has less than 1 gram of dietary fiber per slice.
  • OMG It's Gluten Free:  I need to get down to Frankfort and check out their fabulous gluten free cafe and bakery! My son and I enjoyed their brownies while vacationing in Disney last winter. Woodman's has several of their pre-made frozen products, including their lasagna and chicken scaloppini. At over $10 a container with my cart already chock full of over-priced gluten free items, I was a little gun shy. I will definitely give more of their items a try in the future though, as it would be a nice time-saver on  work night. In addition to being gluten free, their products are 100% peanut free. Several are dairy free too.
  •  French Meadow Bakery Gluten Free Flour Tortillas: I know these have been around for a while, but I usually opt to make my own gluten free flour tortillas. Yum! Pressed for time, I picked up a pack of these to go with our adaptation of Rick Bayless' chorizo, potato, and mushroom tacos. They come frozen, so you do need to defrost them. I highly suggest toasting a bit over an open flame or in a tortilla pan as well. They soften up and work perfect as a regular flour tortilla replacement.




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