Glamour and Frozen Goodies Without the Gluten: News N' Nibbles Monday

Glamour and Frozen Goodies Without the Gluten: News N' Nibbles Monday

As Chicagoland was treated to some of the most gorgeous weather this past weekend that we've had in a while, it dawned on me that body-baring summer styles and sandal season are virtually upon us. And what are this summer fashion's most most important accessories? Healthy hair and glowing skin.

Unfortunately many hair and skin products contain wheat or hidden gluten, which can be pose a risk to those with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance. It depends on your level of sensitivity, but for some celiacs, skin products with gluten can cause a dermatitis rash. There is also the slight chance of accidentally ingesting the product.  So before you go glam, be sure to check out your toiletries, makeup, and sunscreens.  To get you started, I've dedicated this Monday's News N' Nibbles to safe brands and this summer's must have hair and makeup styles....oh yes, and a little something cool to nibble on in this hot weather.

Summer Glamour Without Gluten

Hair Color: Lightened up brunettes, rich reds, or platinum blonde are all in style for this summer as long as they are natural looking. The illumination effect, darker roots with lighter ends, still seems to be all the rage. If grays are peeking through and an expensive color at the salon is not an option, Feria hair color by L'Oreal is free from any gluten ingredients.

Hair Styles: According to Glamour magazine, simple center parts and easy up-dos are what's on trend for this summer. Braids are back, ranging from an entire head covered in corn rows to a loose side braid.  A bun with bling is another option for easy summer style. Adding embellished pins, barrettes, or a flower pin instantly accessories a loose bun. A simple headband looks great too. The ponytail is a summer go-to style that is especially fashionable this summer.

Gluten Free Hair Care Products

You'll need product to hold these beautiful styles in place, and luckily, there are several gluten free options on the market:

  • Aveda: Many of Aveda's salon products contain wheat or wheat derivatives. My stylist (who also happens to have gluten intolerance) and I have researched the Aveda line and stick with the following products that we verified are free of gluten ingredients: Brilliant Shampoo, Scalp Benefits Shampoo and Conditioner, and Phomollient styling foam.
  • Organix: The entire line is gluten free. I've personally used the Coconut Milk and Cherry Blossom Ginseng varieties.
  • Trader Joe's Tea Tree Shampoo, Conditioner: These products make your head tingle with delight as you lather up.
  • Desert Essence Organics: Their entire Organics line is gluten free. I've personally used the Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Dove and Suave: Both brands state that they will clearly indicate any ingredients derived from gluten (wheat, rye, barley, or oats) right on the labeling. I've used Dove's Daily Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner, and the great thing is, you can pick it up anywhere.

Summer Skin

InStyle, Marie Claire, and Vogue are weighing in on summer trends, starting with a natural, dewy look. This never seems to go out of style, as does the bronzed glow of summer that comes from makeup hues in peaches, golds, and coppers. Brighter, bolder colors on the eyes and lip are also hip. Think of the teal blues and tangerine oranges you are seeing for clothing this summer. A little goes a long way here though. If you apply a bold color to the lips, keep the rest natural. Same goes for bold eye color. What are some go-to gluten free cosmetics and skin care products?

  • Neutrogena Naturals is a new line introduced by Neutrogena in February of this year. All products are gluten free. Several of their original product line are also free from gluten, including Transparent Facial Bar, Alcohol Free Toner, Deep Clean Gentle Scrub, and Moisture Lotion with SPF. Always be sure to check ingredients and contact the manufacturer if you have questions.
  • Bare Minerals: I've used Bare Minerals' powder foundation, eye color, eye liner, mascara, and buxom lip gloss since I've been diagnosed with celiac and love their staying power and sheer finish. It's always a good idea to double check ingredients, as not all
  • Afterglow: I personally have not used Afterglow cosmetics yet, but they seem to get rave reviews from celiacs and those with gluten intolerance.
  • Burt's Bees: Although they no longer maintain a gluten free product list, Burt's Bees has a labeling process in place to indicate any ingredients derived from gluten. The Replenishing Lip Balm, Lip Shimmer, and Super Glossy Natural Lip Shine are all safe options for kissable summer lips.


Nibbles: Frozen Gluten Free and Dairy Free Treats

Since you'll be looking so hot with great, gluten free summer hair and skin, you need something to keep you cool, right? I've sampled some of the gluten free and dairy free frozen treats on the market and have been pleasantly surprised. Here are a few to include as summer desserts or mid-day treats:

  • Edy's Fruit Bars: At only 45 calories per bar, they are a sweet guilt-free treat on a hot afternoon.
  • Ciao Bella Gelato and Sorbet: Most of Ciao Bella's gelatos and sorbets are gluten free. All of their sorbets are dairy free (raspberry and mango are my favorites.
  • So Delicious: I think I may need to buy stock in Turtle Mountain soon, because I purchase so many of their products. They make the So Delicious line that includes both coconut milk and soy milk based ice creams. My favorite is the gluten free and dairy free chocolate chip cookie dough. While all varieties are dairy free, not all varieties are gluten free. They are excellent at labeling what is/is not gluten free though.

You don't even have to eat yours out of a cup anymore, longingly watching others enjoy a crispy sugar cone or waffle cone. Joy, Cerrone, and Goldbaum's all make really good gluten free and dairy free sugar cones as well as wafer cones.







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    I wanted to say thanks for writing and posting the article. I found it to be well written and thought provoking. Thanks again and I will continue to follow your articles to see what else you write in the future.

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    FYI! So delicious is not completely gluten free. They have a statement that they are careful and test but it doesn't catch all of it. :-( I've reacted which stinks since it tasted so good. But as we all know, any amount of gluten causes damage with or without symptoms. Also, I read a statement about Burt's bees that they don't know what their distributors do with gluten so they have no guarantees. Maybe that's changed now? Just thought I'd share.

  • In reply to Alicia Connell:

    Thanks for sharing, Alicia. I've only eaten the flavors with the gluten free certification:, but are you saying we need to be careful even with those flavors? I was always impressed with So Delicious' extensive allergen labeling. Thanks for passing along a heads up on Burt's Bees. I will need to check on them again.

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