The Breakfast Club: News N' Nibbles Monday

The Breakfast Club: News N' Nibbles Monday

I am still coming off my "80's" high after to listening to WXRT's 40th anniversary celebration this past weekend. All 80's music, all weekend long. With the 1980's on the brain, my mind naturally gravitated towards John Hughes, his legendary Chicago-based teen films, and one of my favorites, "The Breakfast Club". So, let's the week started off right talking about one of the most important meals of the day, breakfast.

It seems that breakfast, better yet, brunch is very trendy again. Lucky for us celiacs, there are some great breakfast/brunch restaurants out there with gluten free menus. Lula Cafe in Logan Square, Prasino in Wicker Park and LaGrange are two great options. I dined at Prasino for dinner recently and had an amazing experience. I am looking forward to trying them for brunch. Word has it is a favorite spot for Jane Lynch (Glee fame). In the suburbs, Walker Brothers Original Pancake House offers gluten free pancakes that are cooked on a separate grill. Unfortunately, the pancakes do contain dairy (cultured buttermilk is one of the ingredients). Egg Harbor has locations throughout the Chicagoland suburbs and has become a staple for breakfast meetings and work luncheons. Love their egg skillets!

If you are looking for a little muffin or sweet treat to kick start your morning, Deerfield's (Deerfield), Sweet Ali's (Hinsdale), and OMG...It's Gluten Free Bakery & Cafe (Frankfort) can satisfy your sweet tooth with cupcakes,  muffins, and gluten free baked goods.

I enjoy baking and making breakfast at home, but don't often have time during the week. Both my banana bread pancake and pumpkin bread muffin recipes freeze very well. I baked a batch of muffins last night, popped them in the freezer, and the kids and I can enjoy them for breakfast all week long. Packed with fiber from the pumpkin, the addition of flaxseed, walnuts, and raisins to the recipe pump up the nutritional quotient a bit. For a fruit-filled breakfast for any champion, try one of my gluten free and dairy free smoothie recipes. Feeling a little toasty? Try my take on Paula Deen's overnight french toast (done gluten free and dairy free). It's always a breakfast time hit, especially with overnight and weekend guests.

So, here's to starting your day and week off right with a great breakfast!


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