DIY Decorating: Don't Spring for Expensive Spring Decor. Go Attic Shopping!

I always look forward to the change of seasons, in part because it gives me an opportunity to change up my home decor.  Whites and brighter shades for spring and summer, earth tones for fall, and deep reds for winter are some of my favorites. It's tempting to want go shopping each season for new decorative pieces or trendy tchotchke, but when space and budget are an issue, you need to get a bit creative. It's amazing how you can take pieces you may already have sitting around the house (or in your attic) and make them feel "new" again with a touch of color or a little hot glue. Enter attic shopping.

The concept of "attic shopping" started a few years ago for me when I was out at a home goods store and purchased a decorative pillow, only to find the virtually the same pillow sitting up in my attic. My attic is by no means huge, but I've set aside a little space for items I've acquired over the years that come in handy throughout the change of seasons: fabrics, dishware, baskets, blank canvases and picture frames to name a few. I try and take note of trends each season (both in stores and online), then check out my stash up in the attic to see what's old that I can make new again.

Here are a few easy and inexpensive ways to put some spring into your home.

Delightful Door Hanger: Who says framed art is only for walls? Welcome guests and the new season with a colorful framed acrylic canvas door hanger. I painted a whimsical background onto a canvas board using acrylic paints, traced lettering in one of my favorite fonts, and mounted the board using a fancy frame from my attic. Hobby Lobby has regular sales on frames, up to 50 percent off at times.

DIY Wall Art: Adding a touch of green breathes life to a room. These "Bloom" and "Grow" acrylic canvases are an easy way to bring the outside in for the spring season. Green on green tones give them a loose, sketched feeling. Paint the background a light shade of green, then trace lettering and floral bouquet outline in a deeper shade of the same green.

Don't underestimate the power of pillows: A few throw pillows on a couch can really change the look of a room. Pick out a favorite fabric along with some fabric tape at Joann (they always have sales) to make your own no-sew pillow covers.

Breathe life into your dining area with a still life: Pick out some fresh pears, bright oranges, and sunny lemons next time your are in the produce section of your grocery store. Arrange them on a rustic serving plate or big bowl alongside some candles in glass hurricanes to create a delicious looking and bright table scape. My fruit is arranged on a rattan charger I purchased at Pier 1 over 10 years ago.

Accessorize: Stacks of old books can add height to a shorter table or act as a great base for a plant of vase of flowers. A bright green lamp I purchased for 60% off at Hobby Lobby last fall is lighting up my sitting area in more ways than one. Touches of white (vases, dishes, big bowls) can be found at Goodwill store and can brighter a table or sideboard when arranged with a few natural elements. Bright towels in the bathroom or colorful kitchen towels can add a touch of spring to a neutral palette.

Happy Hunting!




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