Bracketology for Preschoolers

Bracketology for Preschoolers

T minus 48 hours 'til March Madness officially begins and we are ready. With Johnny Mathis' "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" playing in the background, each family member carefully put together their NCAA brackets last night in hopes of winning the $4 jackpot. (We don't mess around in this house.)

Somehow though, I feel my husband has an unfair advantage. He actually watches college basketball pretty intently. Come Thursday, our downstairs will turn into an NCAA Command Center with multiple televisions going, Internet streaming, feverish texting to friends and oh yes....let's not forget the swearing at the TV.

While he analyzes each team's performance throughout the season and makes educated selections, the strategies of the rest of the family members are a bit more interesting:

Preschooler: Since she can't read the brackets, my husband reads each pairing aloud to her. Usually, she picks whatever was said last (recency effect for you psychologists out there). If she doesn't do that, she goes by vacation destination. She loves Florida  State and Florida because that's where the Disney Princesses that we visited live. North Carolina is also a big favorite because we took a vacation to the Outer Banks years ago that she still talks about. Wisconsin is in her final four because my husband often flies her up to a greasy spoon restaurant in Janesville, Wisconsin for Mickey Mouse pancakes. We don't laugh her off though. She came in second place last year using this strategy.

First Grader: My son is following the "slow and steady wins the race" philosophy. I think he has averaged filling in about 1-2 pairings a day. We'll see if he is done by Thursday. When I asked him about his selection process, his response was "I have no idea, mommy." That seems to be his canned response for any question I ask him lately though...Where is your lunch box? I have no idea mommy. Where is that library book that is due tomorrow? I have no idea mommy. How did the cat end up in the closet? I have no idea mommy.

Me: I know a few things through osmosis. Illinois was bad this year - so bad, I don't even have to worry about picking them in this tournament. Michigan State, Ohio State, and Kentucky are all good....that is, if I overheard my husband's ramblings correctly. Being a Big 10 alum, I'll usually pick one of the Big 10 schools to go pretty far. Other than that, it's purely random guessing. This year, I'm going to go by uniform color....tangerine tango, gold, and sodalite blue are hot colors for this Spring :)

Let the games begin! How do you pick your brackets?

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